The Significant 7 Imperatives for Delivering Successful Change in Complex IT Projects

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In Digital Transformation : The Significant 7 Imperatives for Delivering Successful Change in Complex IT Projects you'll discover:

  •  You will learn how to start your IT project on the right path to success
  •  The secrets to recognise when your IT project is not on the right path early
  •  How to get your IT project back onto the track for success
  •  Improve your skills in guidance and management of your team
  •  Learn the leadership skills to master for success
  •  What you need to do to make IT challenges manageable
  •  Understand how you will establish clear goals to guide progress
  • How you can achieve the benefis of the information age in your organisation
  • ... and loads more!

As the VP of infra within a rapidly moving financial services
company I need an external consultant that can come in and give me impartial advice on complex issues quickly and to the point. Martin fits the bill perfectly, combining his extensive technical knowledge with a pragmatic approach to organisational and business challenges. I would unreservedly recommend him to any technology executive that needs an impartial consultant who understands both the detail of the technology and the need for practicality in business life

Jonathan Chapman, VP at Global Collect

Martin is an excellent architect with a strong understanding of
business needs and implementing complex projects. I was impressed by his clear thinking on challenging problems and his high quality of work.

Jeremy Hore, Managing Director at Alkira Consulting

"Recommendation: Ed has vision, consummate planning and management
skills and an eye for the details. He is open and engaging but most importantly, he makes decision and follows them through.” 

Simon Shearston, Chief Technologist at Talking2

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